Both Jennifer and Victoria are very knowledgeable about the rights of students with disabilities and were

an invaluable help when dealing with my child's school. Without their knowledge, expertise and assistance,

I truly believe my child would not

have received the services

they needed at school.


Beginning at the price of one mocha a month, you can  make a difference in the lives of over 200 people with disabilities a year. 93% of our clients receive free service or income-based discounts, and 92 cents of each dollar received supports services, not overhead. Your tax deductible gift allows us to provide cost effective, quality service. Give yourself a lift and help us reach our $40,000 annual goal by donating today. 

Thank You!

Call us at 419-491-0500 or text us at 567-218-0943

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6020 W.Bancroft St. #351414

Toledo, OH 43635

Fax: 888-396-9839

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